Do you need help keeping it simple when it comes to social media marketing? If so, KIS Developments contains a treat for you.

KIS Developments has long been teaching business homeowners the way to modify their social media selling methods.

Many different corporations wish to bury their purchasers in sophisticated recommendation. In our case, KIS Developments believes that paring things right down to the necessities is usually more practical.

In fact, that’s what KIS Developments specializes in. So, read on if you want to know more about how to keep it simple with social media marketing.



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Know Your Target Audience

Every business has a target audience that they focus on.

For example, make-up companies usually have female consumers as their target market. On the other hand, most hardware companies will focus on male consumers instead.

With that said, most marketers fail because they advertise to the wrong audience. This is why KIS Developments sees creating a buyer persona as a necessary first step to all social media marketing.

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Find the Best Place for Reaching Your Audience

This step will be easy if you followed the first step. With the help of your buyer persona, you can identify the social media platforms where your target audience will most likely have accounts.

An example of this is focusing on Instagram if you’re selling clothes. That’s because a lot of consumers interested in fashion are active on the platform.

In addition, Instagram is useful for a business of this type because it’s so visual. You can easily publish photos of the clothes you’re selling here.

In fact, 96% of all US fashion brands are on Instagram. That tells you how some platforms are especially suited to some businesses.

The next thing to remember is that every large social media platform has its own advertising tools. You can make use of these advertising tools in order to drive traffic to your website or boost sales.

Examples of these advertisements are the side column advertisements on Facebook and promoted tweets on Twitter. Both of these examples are paid advertisements.

Your task is to figure out which platforms’ ad options are best for reaching out to your target audience.

Remember that you don’t always have to use paid ads, by the way. Large platforms such as Facebook also offer some free marketing services.

Once you’ve found the right platforms, go ahead and start reaching out to your audience. That means interacting with your target consumers and making content for them.